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Hot Chilli sauce (each)

Hot Chilli sauce (each)

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Product Information

Pimata Chilli Sauce is our premium very hot chilli sauce made from 100% fresh Scotch Bonnet.
Zero additives and preservatives, 100% vegetarian, no gluten containing ingredients, no added sugar, made in small batches, this is a truly handcrafted sauce made to work with absolutely any type of food.

It is thick and rich and its smooth consistency makes it blend in whatever it is used or mixed with.  Already cooked and delivers instant heat, the Pimata Chilli Sauce is the only chilli product you will ever need in your kitchen, at your table or at work if you love your chilli heat like us.

The product can simply be spread on sandwiches, wraps, fajitas and rolls and enjoys that instant kick.
Added to soup, stews, daal, gravy or broth lifts the really good food you are about to have to an amazing level.
Simply add some to your cooking as an ingredient and the best thing is, you can simply add the required amount while dishing out the food, so everyone is happy and everyone gets the level of spicy heat they like.
Use the sauce as part of your marinade and ready for the grill, bbq or oven.
Use it as a dip straight from the jar if you dare or simply spice up other dips like mayonnaise, hummus, salsa and even with honey which makes and instant sweet chilli sauce. A healthy option to enjoy a sweet chilli sauce without any added sugar.