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Mauritian Curry Base (each)

Mauritian Curry Base (each)

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Product Information

1 X Curry Base makes one curry for at least 3 adults.
The Curry Base has been designed to work with the Curry Spice.  
These are two sides of the same coin and both are needed to recreate a fresh, authentic Mauritian Curry.
​​​​​​​Recipe and cooking tips are on the jar.

We have aimed at bringing you a product which when prepared brings you a bit of Mauritius in your kitchen with its freshness, flavours and tastes made just like its done in Mauritius.
Rich, bold and full of flavour, this curry is an all rounder as it can take on bold flavours, meat, vegetables or leftover roast as well.  In handcrafting this product, we have not added chillies as we believe a curry should speak of flavours and spices and chilli is another level of taste and flavour that should be added by those who want it.  And for that, we have created the Pimata Chilli Sauce which satisfies the cravings for heat  by our customers.
The Curry Base is 100% vegetarian, no gluten containing ingredients, no preservatives, no added sugar, additives or artificial colouring.
Making this curry is quick and simple as we have done all the hard work for you - you would not need to peel, chop, dice, cook and reduce any other ingredients in making the gravy or sauce as we have done it for you in this jar.  And as for the spice, we have made a special blend of quality ingredients ready for you, the Curry Spice.